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Aztech WIPC410 HD Enhanced HD Wireless N Pan Tilt IP Camera in Singapore

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A flawless indoor monitoring companion, the Aztech WIPC410 Enhanced HD focuses on delivering high definition area surveillance monitoring, strengthened further by a variety of user-centric features to constantly ensure that the perfect monitoring experience for your home is always within reach anywhere and anytime.

Key Features:

  • Supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless standard (Up to 300Mbps)
  • Remote Wireless Accessibility (Through Web Browser, Smartphone App, and Software)
  • Pan / Tilt / Zoom (PTZ) Feature for viewing control
  • 80° Field of View
  • Infrared LED feature
  • Two-Way Audio Support through built-in Microphone / Speaker
  • Motion Detection Support
  • Alarm Notification through Email and FTP
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Support
  • DDNS Support
  • Easy Device Setup and Installation

  • A Completely Enhanced HD Surveillance Experience
    Primarily made for homes that require high-definition monitoring cameras offering constant accessibility, the Aztech WIPC410 Enhanced HD provides multiple core functionalities excellently complemented by a variety of features. The WIPC410 Enhanced HD IP camera sports a 1.3 megapixel lens perfected further by a 4.2mm focal length, a 355° horizontal pan and 120° vertical tilt angles for viewing control, an H.264 video compression format to maximize storage without affecting quality, and a 1 / 3 image sensor to provide extremely sharp and high-definition image and video captures that will fit your surveillance needs.
    For full usability, night vision capabilities are automatically activated during night time and are efficiently supported through its 8 Φ 5 LED lights in order to provide a visibility distance of up to 8 meters – making the WIPC410 Enhanced HD a perfect indoor companion to any room you have in your home whether daytime or night time.  
    Remote Accessibility for your Devices
    In addition to its high-definition capabilities, the WIPC410 Enhanced HD IP camera also offers remote accessibility options for smartphones / tablets through the Aztech IP Cam App (available in iOS and Android devices) and the Multiple Device Monitoring System (MDMS) for desktops and laptops. Through the Aztech IP Cam App, smartphones / tablets can easily view the IP camera’s area of surveillance, control the pan/tilt/zoom feature of the camera, or use the two-way audio feature as long as the device has an active 4G/3G/Wi-Fi connection anywhere and anytime it is needed. The Aztech IP Cam APP also enables you to simultaneously view up to four (4) video feeds, save scene snapshots and or record real time videos to your smartphone or tablet’s local storage. The MDMS on the other hand also provides the same functionalities, but offers an easier way of simultaneous camera viewing, a more feasible choice for homes with a lot of deployed IP Cameras.
    Real time alarm notifications on the other hand are made through your preferred detection area are also made possible through the accessibility options provided above. Any motion detected on the selected area(s) can either trigger an email notification, an FTP notification, or an alarm notification through the Aztech IP Cam App.  
    Features to Fully Enhance the Device Experience
    Unlike other IP cameras, the WIPC410 Enhanced HD IP camera’s most sought out feature is its wireless capability – a feature which fully eliminates the usage of messy wiring setups commonly present in Ethernet cable reliant IP cameras. With the WIPC410 Enhanced HD IP camera’s 802.11n wireless feature, connectivity options, whether you prefer to use wired or wireless setup, can be maximized for each room. In addition, the WIPC410 Enhanced HD also offers a WPS setup feature which enables you to fully simplify the IP camera to router connectivity through a simple press of WPS button on both devices.  
    Product Benefits:
  • High Definition Surveillance for your Home
    The Aztech WIPC410 Enhanced HD provides commendable high-definition audio and video recording, with optional image and video captures which will excellently comply to your monitoring needs

  • Remote Accessibility Anytime and Anywhere
    Constant camera access anytime or anywhere through smartphone or tablet as long as an active 4G / 3G / Wi-Fi connection is present on your device. For desktops, the Multiple Device Monitoring System (MDMS) is also provided.

  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom Features for Camera Control
    The WIPC410 Enhanced HD is equipped with a 355° horizontal pan, a 20° vertical tilt, and 3x digital zoom features for constant control area viewing.

  • Improved Aztech IP Cam App Features
    The Aztech IP Cam App is now capable of (1) recording HD real time surveillance videos using your smartphone or tablet’s local storage, and (2) viewing up to four (4) IP Camera surveillances simultaneously.

  • Dual Audio Feature for Area Intercommunication.
    It sports a built in microphone and speaker that can both send and receive audios sent from the Aztech IP Cam app, or through a desktop with an external microphone and MDMS installed.

  • Easy to Setup and Use.
    Aztech WIPC410 Enhanced HD, involves a simplified 3-step setup in setting up the surveillance with your smartphones, through the Aztech IP Cam app downloadable through Apple App Store and Google Play.

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