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BenQ Zowie XL2430 24" Full HD 1ms 144Hz Gaming Monitor in Singapore

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A next-generation gaming monitor, the XL2430T is tailored to bring out the best in every gamer. It features a 144Hz refresh rate, 1 ms GTG response time, delivers RevolutionEyes Black eQualizer and Motion Blur Reduction. Built with perfect motion, fast gaming, precise control, intuitive experience and RevolutionEyes Technology, this battle machine is at the peak of design perfection.

Gaming Monitor is a Priority

Even the best mice, keyboards, and graphic cards cannot reach full performance if the performance of monitor, which is responsible all on screen action, is performing below standard. Most FPS gamers recognize a gaming monitor as the most important piece of gaming gear as it dictates the fluidity of movement, in game visibility and translation of their actions.

Developed by Pro Gamers and Praised by the Community

BenQ XL-Series was developed in conjunction with legendary pro gamers and is recognized by gaming community for its remarkable performance. The Korean hardware community has highly praised the XL-Series as being 'silky smooth control'. 

144Hz of Refresh Rate, 1ms GTG of Response Time!  No More Disconnection or After-Image!

BenQ XL2430T supports more precise game control that cannot be experienced on normal 60Hz monitor by changing screen smoothly and realizing seamless image even when playing games requiring a lot of movements owing to the refresh rate freely settable to 100Hz, 120Hz, and 144Hz according to resolution and 1ms (GTG) of response time.

Auto Game Mode: Changing Itself to Optimization Mode

Auto Game mode changes to the optimized monitor setting when accessing major game automatically.

Black eQualizer

The 2nd generation black eQualizer of BenQ XL2430T can adjust brightness of dark parts from 1 to 20. It also adjusts brightness automatically when moving to a bright place, such as under the sun, on game. Now, set the brightness to the optimal level so you can find an enemy hidden in a dark place without any distortion of bright image.

Low Blue Light Mode

Research has found that blue light occurring from sunlight, fluorescent light, monitor and mobile phones, are the consistent with UV rays and can cause damage to the retina, resulting in discomfort, sleep disorders and in some cases, macular degeneration. Low Blue Light Mode alleviates this risk and can be set between Levels 1-10 to increase overall comfort over long periods of use.

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