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Casio XJ-V1 Projector in Singapore

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The innovative laser and LED hybrid light source means that the projectors from CASIO represent a pioneering advance with regard to matters of environmental protection: Since 2006, EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) has placed considerable restrictions on the use of toxic mercury. Up to now, one exception has been projector lamps for use in daylight. Projectors from CASIO have a light intensity of up to 5000 ANSI lumens – and are able to achieve such levels without the use of mercury-vapour lamps. The combination of laser and LED also reduces power consumption by up to 40 percent, thereby lowering operating costs as an additional benefit. The brilliant, outstanding results make it clear to see that the laser and LED hybrid light source from CASIO is truly a milestone in projection technology!

A Durable Light Source

The actual power of the CASIO projectors lies deep within: the revolutionary laser and LED hybrid light source. This technology is the centrepiece of the projectors and functions without any need for quicksilver – in complete contrast to conventional projector lamps. The new, innovative light source from CASIO not only offers exceptional projection performance – due to its low wear, it also manages to deliver this continuously high level of performance over a long period of time and even makes projections possible in daylight*. Added to this is an extensive service life of up to 20,000 hours, meaning that unexpected outages caused by defective lamps are a thing of the past. This service life corresponds to a period of use lasting six hours a day, 220 days a year, over the course of an entire 15 years. In other words: A single projector from CASIO can easily deal with 10,000 two-hour meetings. This level of durability can only bring benefits to the education sector: The long service life of the light source means that there is no longer any need to worry about lamp outages and subsequently having to cancel lessons – at least not for 15 years.

Outstanding Color Rendition

CASIO projectors and their exceptional light source are sure to amaze with their brilliant color reproduction and wide color range, which is amplified by the ""Helmholtz–Kohlrausch effect"": This optical phenomenon causes the subjective perception of brightness to increase with the degree of color saturation. As a matter of fact, the CASIO projectors cover a larger part of the color spectrum visible to the human eye. The greyscale rendition of the innovative daylight projectors is also near perfect: Black actually looks black and not like a very dark grey. Clear, vivid images with rich colors and the finest of nuances – an immersive experience for all involved.

Kind To The Environment

CASIO is a pioneer in the area of environmental protection and already meets the criteria of the Minamata Convention. 92 countries including Germany, Austria and Switzerland have committed to ceasing the manufacture, import and export of products containing mercury from 2020 onwards. This also applies to mercury-vapour lamps used in projectors. CASIO has met this deadline with ten years to spare by already eliminating the highly toxic heavy metal from its projectors and converting the entire product range to a mercury-free, innovative laser and LED hybrid light source since 2010 – a light source that also boasts impressive energy-efficiency levels (watts/lumen).

Ready To Start At The Push Of A Button

Thanks to the Direct ON/OFF function, CASIO projectors reach their full brightness after a maximum of five seconds – at just the push of a button. As a result, long waiting times and annoying warm-up and cool-down phases are a thing of the past – a fact that saves precious time! Lessons can start immediately and follow a more flexible structure, as the projector can be switched on quickly at any time. Set-up and clear-up times for business presentations are also made considerably shorter.

Fit For Continuous Use

Each time they are used, conventional projectors are only able to function for a limited period of time. On the contrary, CASIO projectors can be used around the clock thanks to the special CASIO light technology and proven DLP® technology. This feature opens up a wide range of potential new applications, such as digital signage – an area in which projectors could not previously be used due to their limited maximum operating times.

Wireless Presentations

Thanks to the WLAN capabilities, up to four computers can project at the same time via a single projector. CASIO projectors are therefore ideal for presentations and talks involving multiple speakers or for comparing solutions to problems in classrooms. Cumbersome wiring between the PC and projector is also a thing of the past. The quick and easy WLAN connection can be established via PC, tablet PC or smartphone.

Instant Light Control

Thanks to the instant light control feature, the image brightness of CASIO projectors can be adapted to suit individual and spatial requirements at any time — quick as a flash. Switching between the seven brightness levels is as simple as pushing a button on the remote control or on the projector* itself, meaning that you always have the perfect image at the brightness you want.

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