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Out of Stock 983 Cooler Master Gemin II M4 Low Profile CPU Cooler / Fan (RR-GMM4-16PK-R1) CPU Fans 55 59 RR-GMM4-16PK-R1 0 0 1 0 votes

Cooler Master Gemin II M4 Low Profile CPU Cooler / Fan (RR-GMM4-16PK-R1) in Singapore

Category: CPU Fans
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GeminII M4 is a super low profile CPU cooler (59mm / 2.3in height) designed for a system with limited space, such as mini-ITX, HTPC, or any small desktop. With its 4 direct contact heat pipes and unique heat pipe layout, GeminII M4 is not only compact but also provides amazing cooling performance.


  • Super low profile cooler (59mm / 2.3in height) with 4 direct contact heat pipes.
  • A base engineered to minimize CPU contact gaps provides excellent heat conduction.
  • Suitable for limited space applications (e.g. HTPC or slim systems).
  • Newly developed thin fan profile delivers uncompromised cooling performance in a compact package.
  • Unique heat pipe layout combines two very effective cooling methods to increase cooling efficiency while maintaining a low profile heat sink.

  • Super Low Profile
    CPU cooler with a super low profile (59mm / 2.3in with attached fan).

  • 4 Direct Contact Heat Pipes
    Aluminum fins with 4 direct contact heat pipes to provide excellent heat dissipation.

  • Improved Direct Contact Heat Pipe Base
    A base engineered to minimize CPU contact gaps with exceptional heat conduction ability.

  • Unique Heat Pipe Layout
    Combines the cooling efficiency of standard “U-shape” pipes and the low profile attribute of “C-shape” pipes.

  • HTPC and Slim System Compatibility
    Ideal for a HTPC or slim system that has limited space.

  • New Super Slim Fan
    New XtraFlo 120mm slim profile fan with a thickness of only 15mm.

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