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Cooler Master V650 Fully Modular 80+ Gold Power Supply in Singapore

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Compact & Quiet: The most compact ATX form factor power supply in its class 100% Japanese Capacitors rated at 105C for extreme durability Quiet Silencio FP fan available exclusively from Cooler Master Fully Modular flat ribbon cables for easy cable routing Gold Guarantee with 5 years warranty covered by Cooler Master 3D Circuit Design lowers crosstalk and improves heat dissipation.

  • Unique 3D circuit design offers higher efficiency and improves the heat dissipation
  • Cooler Master's exclusive Silencio FP fan technology enhances airflow, reduces vibration and provides the best thermal performance
  • Fully modular, flat cable design for better cable management
  • 100% Japanese capacitors ensures an extended lifetime and minimizes power fluctuations
  • Compact design 6.8W/inch3 fits perfectly with small form factor systems
  • 80 PLUS Gold certified: up to 92% efficiency on typical load

  • Silencio FP Fan
  • The rotation speed stays lower in the Silencio while delivering high air pressure, meaning less noise. After 50% load, the rotation speed difference compared to double ball fans is 16% better in the V750, 22% in the V650, and 34% in V550.

  • Modular Design
  • Modularity extends beyond modular cables and is applied directly to the power circuit design.
  • The circuit platform removes unnecessary cables and uses fully modular boards, resulting in lower crosstalk and signal noise.
  • The benefit is pure, clean power output and higher efficiency

  • Tight Voltage Regulation
  • The +12V rail is the most important part of a modern power supply as both the CPU and graphic cards are powered through it. Voltage fluctuations can cause system instability from high pitch noises
    The V series provides very stable output under any sudden voltage fluctuations, meaning less stress on your precious components.

  • Powerfully Compact
  • The V series are powerfully small. Not to be confused, it is still a standard ATX form power supply that one would expect to see in any computer, but shorter.
    Only 140mm versus +180mm typical length - 22% smaller in volume! ATX form factor, but ideal for compact systems.
    Powers all current high-end GPUs

  • Fully Modular Cable
  • All cables are flat cable and black color ,including 24pin MB cable. Compared to old round cable design , flat cable can make cable management easier and cleaner ! A good cable management also allows you to have better heat dissipation in case and enhances your total thermal performance.

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