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Face Shield - Reusable Clear Protective Visor in Singapore

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Face shields made with love and care 


Coronavirus can spread through the eyes.


Furthermore, while most face masks protect others if you are sick, they may not always protect you from others if they are sick.

Along with other companies in Singapore and throughout the world, we decided to refocus our activity on helping the community stay safe from the virus.

We are 3D printing these face shields upon order, sanitize them, and send them to you on the same day.

We have one person full time dedicated to making those face shields in Singapore.

They are systematically disinfected before being packed and sent to you. Nevertheless, we advise you to disinfect them again when you receive them, to avoid any risk or cross contamination during delivery.

We advise you to #stayathome as much as possible.

But in case you need to go out for groceries, medical reasons or to access any other essential service, the best is to wear your face shield in addition to a face mask for an optimal protection.

This face shield was designed by 3DVERKSTAN in Sweden and is adored by medical staff all over the world. All credits go to them.

If you are a medical staff and need help 3D printing this face shield by yourself, do reach to us via the contact us page, we'll be delighted to help.

Because of obvious health security reasons, please note that we won't be able to take any return nor warranty claims for this product.

No 3D printed item is visually perfect, so please, don't be too demanding. 

However, rest assured that we will thoroughly test the mechanical properties of the frames before sending them to you to make sure that they give you the best possible protection during this difficult time.

To avoid any breakage during delivery, we will send the face shield to you in a flat package and you will have to mount the visor onto the frame by yourself.


The face shield will come in 2 parts: the frame and the visor.

All you have to do is align the 4 pre-punched holes of the visor with the 4 locking guides protruding out from the frame.

There is some pulling required, but do it with care or might break the plastic. We make them purposely tight to ensure that the visor stays securely in place when in use. 

The frames are designed to hold on your head by themselves, but if you want the frame to hold better, you may just attach a rubber band at the back between the two loops

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