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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the service work?

Visitors can either browse or search for products. Once a product is chosen, the service generates a price comparison and provides a list of merchants who offer the specific product. To facilitate your shopping experience, we also provide the contact details of each participating merchant so users can contact merchants for stock verification.

Is affiliated in any way with Sim Lim Square or Sim Lim Tower? is a completely independent service not affiliated with Sim Lim Square or Sim Lim Tower. Our mission is to provide transparency between merchants and customers through an interactive website and we can only achieve this by being fully independent.

Does it cost anything to use the service?

There is no cost to visitors and members of This site is maintained by merchants who subscribe to the service to publish their products and prices which allows to always be free for the public.

What are the benefits of signing up as a Member of

Being a Member of unlocks a number of features of the site including the ability to rate and comment on merchants and products, create shopping lists to save time during your visit, and have access to your browsing history.

Membership is free and can be activated by either signing in with your social media credentials (Facebook, Google+) or email address.

Do all merchants list their prices and products on

Unless a merchant’s products and prices are freely available in the public domain, only merchants who voluntarily join’s database will be featured on this service. As of 15 October 2016, we have over 55 merchants participating in this service.

How often are prices and products updated?

Participating merchants update their products and pricing regularly. Please feel free to contact merchants directly via the contact details provided by

What if I have a suggestion to make this service even better?

We built this price comparison service after spending too much time trying to find the best prices on electronics and accessories in Singapore and also having some not-so- great shopping experience at Sim Lim. Any suggestions on how we can make this service even better is always greatly appreciated. Please drop us a line any time by clicking here.

Any other questions - contact us

We love hearing from our community at SimLim.SG. If you have any questions not covered in our FAQs, please send us a note by clicking here or at and we will be get back to you within 24 hours.