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Logitech K830 Illuminated Living Room Keyboard w/ Bluetooth

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  • By making typing easy even in the dark, this illuminated keyboard ensures your TV entertainment is fun and hassle-free.

    • When you start using your keyboard, the automatic light sensor detects the light level in the room and adjusts the keyboard backlight intensity accordingly.

      There are three intensity levels:
      • In bright light: no keyboard illumination
      • In poor light: full intensity backlight
      • In the dark: half intensity backlight
    • You can manually override the automatic backlighting setting.

      Please note:
      • When your battery charge level is low, backlighting turns off automatically to conserve battery power.
    • Automatic backlight control is restored automatically if the keyboard is idle for 30 minutes or more, or after turning the keyboard off and back on.

      Press the Fn key and the left mouse button to toggle between touch tap disable and enabled.
      You can also press the left mouse click button at the top-left of the keyboard to perform a click or comfortable two-handed navigation.
      You can also tap the touchpad surface to perform a click.

      Scroll with two fingers, up or down.
      You can also press the Fn key and slide one finger anywhere on the touchpad simultaneously to scroll for comfortable two-handed navigation.

    • Recharging your keyboard
      Your keyboard is rechargeable. There are no batteries to be replaced.
      A three-hour charge provides up to 10 days of use when you type about two hours a day with backlight on or about one year without backlight.

      Note: The use you get between charges may vary depending on your usage pattern.

    • Support

      K830 keyboard works with both desktop and laptop computers and is compatible with the following operating systems.

      • Windows® 8 and later
      • Chrome OS™
      • Android™ 5.0.2 and later
    • You need to have a Bluetooth Smart enabled PC to be able to connect the keyboard via Bluetooth Smart.
      Keyboard functionality, such as Hot Keys and Touchpad Gestures, may differ depending on the operating system.

      • Use the USB extender cable provided to position the Unifying receiver as close as possible to your keyboard, and remove any metallic objects between the receiver and keyboard.
      • Try plugging the Unifying receiver into a different port.
      • Try plugging the Unifying receiver directly into your computer.
      • If your keyboard connects via Bluetooth Smart, verify that Bluetooth is turned on in your device’s settings and ensure the Unifying receiver is not plugged in.
      • Check the keyboard is connecting to a Bluetooth Smart enabled PC.
    • K830 is a plug and play keyboard designed for easy use and long life. However, if you encounter any issues or have questions about your product, 
    • Logitech is here to help. Start with a visit to our Customer Support page for full support.
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