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Logitech T620 Touch Mouse (Black) in Singapore

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Logitech Touch Mouse T620full touch surface


  • Full touch surface: Swipe, scroll, tap and click with smooth control wherever your fingers rest on the touch surface
  • Designed for Windows 8: Glide through Windows 8 with six intuitive gestures
  • Comfortable shape: Smooth, rounded design for comfortable handling and gesturing
  • Multi-surface tracking: Laser-grade optical sensor delivers precision control on virtually any surface
  • Unifying receiver: One tiny wireless receiver connects up to six compatible mice and keyboards using just one USB port

Logitech Touch Mouse T620

Swipe, scroll, tap and click on the full touch surface.

Navigating Windows 8 feels like second nature with this touch-all-over wireless mouse. It puts the essential Windows 8 gestures at your fingertips—wherever you want to rest your fingers on the full-touch surface. Glide through everything you do on your computer with simple, intuitive gestures for scrolling, Start screen access, app switching and more.

Full touch surface for smooth control
  • Large surface with complete freedom to gesture wherever your fingers rest
  • Smooth, responsive, efficient navigating
  • Familiar left, right and middle clicks


Horizontal and vertical scrolling

Brush your finger from side to side to scroll left or right, or up and down to scroll vertically.



Two-finger swipe from left-to-right or right-to-left to quickly advance through web pages and documents.


Windows 8 Start Screen

Double tap to access the Start screen and go directly to your apps, contacts, calendar and more.


App switching and Charms bar

Swipe left-to-right from the left edge to quickly switch apps. Or swipe right-to-left from the right edge to reveal the Charms bar with system controls.


Comfortable, elegant design

  • Smooth, rounded shape for comfortable handling and gesturing, hour after hour
  • Sleek curves and elegant silver pattern add style to your workspace


Precision tracking virtually anywhere
  • Advanced Logitech Laser-grade optical sensor gives you more cursor control and the freedom to work on more surfaces than standard optical mice
  • So precise, you can hit individual pixels in graphic design programs like Photoshop


Plug it. Forget it. Add to it.
  • Tiny Unifying receiver stays in your laptop and connects up to six compatible wireless mice and keyboards.
  • Eliminates need to change receivers or sacrifice another USB port


Flexible power
  • Use one AA battery for a lighter mouse and 3 months of battery life*
  • Two AA’s for six months of run time*
  • Or use rechargeable batteries
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